Our innovative finance solution will let you profit from the first day of your new Installation whether it is LED Light, Solar Farms and Waste to Energy.

With our financial models we erase your Capital Expense and eases your budget. We have built a unique solution to ensure that focus is on the best possible solutions and not on the recurring expenses.
With a return on investment of up to 10 years, you only need to spend a part of your savings to pay back the investment.

You will soon discover that economy has improved, expenses has been reduced, maintenance costs have dropped, and functionality of your services has taken a positive leap into something better.

Provider of energy optimization services:

  • Guaranteed positive cash flow from day one..
  • No upfront installation costs
  • Full energy analysis and audit
  • World-class products and solutions
  • Professional guidance
  • Full maintenance included
  • Continuous monitoring and follow-up
  • Project design and implementation
  • Pay back of the investments is done with part of the savings generated on the project
  • Capex neutral financing


  • Easy to budget
  • No future risk for the fluctuation in the energy price
  • No maintenance cost
  • Advice from specialized consultants
  • Optimizing of other installations
  • Focus on energy savings
  • No money up front
  • Secured savings
  • One stop shop – don’t need a lot of suppliers
  • Fixed price of energy produced over the 15 years
  • Variable price of energy produced decreasing every 5 years

EPC CONTRACT is a contract where CitySenze partner will be the future provider of our customers optimizing of energy consumption

That way it will secure a “ well known” price of energy cost for the future

Finance projects must be subject to credit committee approval.

Different solutions might be requested to secure the project like:

  • Letter of credit (LC)
  • Bill of exchanged confirmed (BOE)
  • Sovereign guarantee (MINISTER OF FINANCE)
  • Bank guarantee
  • Customers payment on escrow account

As it appears… there are huge opportunities
It just need to be the right one.

Do you have questions?
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