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CitySenze is a green energy, Smart City and IoT ESCO partner.

We focus on bringing energy efficient solutions to you and your city, town or community. CitySenze act as a turnkey Smart City Integrator with a broad catalogue of Energy efficient solutions within LED lighting, Sensors, meters, environmental monitoring, surveillance, security and communication, Waste to Energy and Solar farms – all can be in one system.

We build, configure and manage, Camera, LoRa and WIFI Networks and offer lighting, sensing, monitoring and hosting, as a service, based on your nodes, sensors and meters, connected to your Internet of Things.
CitySenze means ONE partner for FULL integration.

Flood warnings in due time for evacuation

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Pollen free places to picnic

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Storm and Tornado Warnings to take proper precautions in due time

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UV warning for shielding children and elderly citizens

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Pump and flow status for building maintenance

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A safe path to school

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When your preferred public transport is re-directed from its normal route and stops

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Electricity and heat metering

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City wide public Wi-Fi

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Real time traffic announcements

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Waste management

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Water quality measurements

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Emergency announcements

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Real time air quality metering and alerts

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Construction in your part of town

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Parking availability

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Waste water monitoring and alerts

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CitySenze is dedicated to building the modern Smart City infrastructure and to improve current public infrastructure with the future solutions that Internet of Things (IoT) offer. We drive the development of several innovative Smart City Applications for street lighting and communications within both software and hardware.

As the only technology provider in the industry, CitySenze delivers the complete turn key solution, including LED luminaires, Control and Management System, optional Wi-Fi solutions, LoRaWAN sensor system, installation and various financial tools to tailor make any solution to any client’s needs.

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