CitySenze has worked with solar energy for a long time together with our partners. We have more than 25 years experience together. We only work with the absolute best suppliers in the world and we are not limited to anybody. Important for us is always to be able to supply a good quality together with our cooperation partners. High performance – strong technology – the right price is key words for us when we supply our solar Farms.

Cooperation could be in various setups – like EPC, BOT etc.

Proven technology

The sun is by far the largest source of energy on earth and the purest and natural energy form. Daily, the sun delivers more than a thousand times the energy consumed throughout the globe.

The solar cells

By collecting several thousand panels in a solar park, sufficiently large current and voltage values are obtained for commercial use

The recycle value of the silicon contained in solar modules is close to 100%, since it is pure sand. There is virtually no negative environmental impact

Solar modules

10-year product warranty on the modules as well as a 25-year power guarantee so that the solar cells’ production capacity over the first 10 years can reach a maximum of 10% and over 25 years may decrease by 20%

Quality and reliability are key words

Reduce maintenance and boost efficiency with Nano solar panel coating

Technological advances, decreasing costs. To ensure that the solar panels work efficiently and with the lowest possible maintenance requirements. We use a sophisticated Nano coating technology, that increase the efficiency with 20%, With our Nanotechnology, from Germany, you have no maintenance the following 5-8 Years When it comes to solar cell efficiency. Improve efficiency is the result of a combination of properties of solar panel coating.

Solar panel coating can be:

Hydrophobic – The hydrophobic coating allows water to flow more easily from the panel surface and reducing the negative effect of inclement weather.
Anti-reflective – An anti-reflective layer increases the amount of light transmitted through the surface of the panel and thus, increases efficiency.
Self-cleaning – Contaminants like bird droppings and pollution do not adhere to it. This also makes the coating anti-dust and prevents the growth of mould. A little rain is all it takes to remove dirt and grime.
Easy to clean and maintain – With the self-cleaning properties of hydrophobicity, the coating requires far less maintenance to ensure efficiency.
Provides long-lasting protection – The coating is durable and can withstand different weather conditions.
10 years warranty on Nano coating
– and 20 years performance warranty

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