Why are CitySenze focusing on Waste

For the recent number of years, there has been massive focus on the increasing amount of waste we produce, including handling, disposal of the same. This has partly led to an increasing focus on reusing part of the waste after sorting – but the waste that cannot be recycled immediately – is eventually disposed of via burning or landfill disposal.

The project has its focus on those landfills (both for the purpose to cleaning the existing landfills but also process the waste that are deposited), and about the development, operation and local placement, processing pyrolysis units to treat most of the common waste and convert this to green energy.

This is a decentralized and locally placed unit – which will be able to operate anywhere where there is a certain amount of waste to be treated – especially focusing on the need that landfills have for converting waste due to lack of space – but also considering environmental and health issues.

CitySenze has developed a unique cooperation with some of the leading suppliers of those factories and combined with our innovative financial models – we are able to make a solution that gives a lot of benefit:

  • Clean environment – no pollution from the factory
  • Turning garbage into energy
  • Making energy 24/7 = meaning that the factory will provide energy to the grid in the nighttime without using a lot of storage facilities
  • Remove the plastic and other garbage for the ground
  • Make the planet a better place to stay
  • Cleaning up in the more difficult areas

CitySenze model will be organized together with local companies to support the local economy. It is important for CitySenze to emphasise that the more local can participate the better and to make all the benefit real.

CitySenze has all the capacity to support at supervise including education the local people to operate the factory. Important for CitySenze is that the know how will stay in the country.

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